Parlays give Vegas books another losing weekend

Could that mean then that Palmer might be let go if the team is heading in a different direction? He has a base salary of $15.5 million, plus a roster bonus of $2 million, neither of which are crippling by QB standards in today’s game. That might represent a little more than 10 percent of the salary cap, which could approach $170 million next year. Also, Palmer’s deal would have more than $13 million in dead money if the Cardinals part ways with him.

Too much has gone wrong for the Panthers this season to say that losing Josh Norman doomed them. Would they be steamrolling toward another NFC South title and Super Bowl contention if Norman were still around? Maybe, maybe not.

What can the Texans do with Osweiler beyond this season? His contract was structured so the Texans could safety get out of it after two seasons. But that means he has another season to go at $18 million per year.wholesale jerseys online If Savage impresses or the Texans look elsewhere in the offseason for a starting quarterback, Osweiler would be a very expensive backup.

Another question: Is there a quarterback they can land in the offseason who would represent an improvement? Even with a possible top-10 draft pick, there are no guarantees about that. It’s a fascinating debate that will be a huge theme for the Cardinals in the coming months.

The Cowboys were up by three points late in the fourth quarter deep in Buccaneers territory. On fourth-and-one, Jason Garrett decided to kick the field goal instead of relying on his NFL-best offensive line and NFL-best running back to try and seal the game. Garrett notoriously plays the percentages, and this one worked out considering his defense easily held Tampa on two ensuing possessions. But man, how do you not go for it with that weaponry?wholesale football jerseys,

Though it was just a small sample size, Savage showed Sunday that he gives the Texans a better chance than Osweiler to win. At the very least, he earned the right to get another chance to play, this time with a full week to prepare as the team starter.

What if we really got progressive and kept the criteria to same season, awarding a like Rodgers who played so poorly and endured so much noise but found some inner strength mid-season? There is something to be said about coming back with the same personnel group after being completely written off.,,,