2015–16 season NFL Year in Review

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Charles Woodson

Chales Woodson and Peyton Manning from the University during the period of often people together. They are the best college player in 1997, the former got the Heisman, the latter second place. And after the league, they became their leader position, more than ten years, Woodson was named to the First Team All Pro four times and got the best defensive player in 2009, and more access to 5 PM regular season MVP, two people have gone into the career twilight years, the two became the 98th and Hassellbeck three remaining active. But Woodson has always had a knot, that is, as a great defender in the league 18 years since the PM had no interceptions once, he has repeatedly said in public in this life must be completed steals PM goals.

October 11, 2015, is Woodson dreams day. Fifth week of the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, Manning hit a slump of re-Hwan newborn Woodson, making history seems inevitable. Race to the end of the first half, tight end Owen Daniels eager to score PM Road passing a note Language intended to connect the end zone, Woodson is judged in advance of the attempted pass, outflanking the ball from a distance, stopped, success completion of steals, which is Woodson career 63 steals, but steals the PM for the first time.

“If you get one, you’ve got to get two!”

A good thing to be in pairs. 3 minutes left in the third quarter, PM intentions and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to complete long-distance connections, responsible for man-mark DT88 Hayden has lost cornerback position, the ball is nearing completion, when the sense of smell-sensitive Woodson again flew from the distal end come flying diving off the ball, he completed his second steals the field.

Unfortunately, the record did not let the team win, the Broncos still relying on suffocating defense away victory. PM also face a smile when it comes to this matter: “After all, he spent 18 years na, last year in his first two touchdowns upload it back to be even.”

Completed the wish of Woodson, also come to a successful end of the season after the retirement.


                                   Aaron Rodgers

20 games, 586 passes, 1043 file offensive, 0 steals. This is the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field, home of record, the AR time steals home dates back to December 2012 NO2.

And now the streak is over.

Fifth week Packers vs. St. Louis Rams, AR seventh in the race pass by Rams defensive tackle Chris Long hit and flipped, then linebacker James Laurinaitis homeopathic off the ball, AR records thereon passed away. Interestingly AR past six steals five times is to pass by online players slapped caused. When the game 4 minutes 10 seconds left in the second quarter to, AR again steals, his pass was ram’s horn guard Trumaine Johnson got. Also AR III is also caused by Robert Quinn sack and off the ball, this is his first time in a single game since the 2009 season, 3 turnovers ninth week.cheap nfl jerseys

AR after the game talking about the matter, said: “I’m sure someone will come along at some point and put up 600 in row maybe.”wholesale nfl jerseys

After AR silent, meaty, said the sentence: “Maybe not.”wholesale nfl jerseys